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Apps for Cancer Patients: Using Technology to Make Things Easier

Using your smartphone yields some surprising benefits during treatment. These apps help you navigate treatment.

In today’s world, there’s an app for any time or situation. When it comes to apps for cancer patients, technology helps you and your family manage some daily tasks that seem more difficult while you’re going through testing or treatment. Here are just a few options to make your life during and after diagnosis a little easier.


When going through diagnosis procedures or treatment, you’re hit quickly with lots of new information. Without a way to keep track of what you hear in doctor offices, you and your loved ones can become overwhelmed and confused easily. Using an audio recording app, like Audio Memos, is a great way to record your meetings with the doctor, short recordings about questions you may not want to forget next time or even reminders for your next treatment guidelines.

Medications can get out of hand quickly, but a missed or doubled dose can wreak havoc on your already strained system. Keep on top of your medications with the handy Medisafe app, which includes the opportunity to set up reminders or investigate possible medication interactions.


Social media is a wonderful tool during your cancer timeline if you choose to harness it. Consider setting up a separate private group page on Facebook or a private Instagram account to update your close friends and family on your condition, ask for prayer requests, request meal drop-off schedules or even share your immediate needs. You and a few trusted friends could be administrators of the group, which allows you to grant access to only those whom you want to share with. This approach is a wonderful way to rally your troops while keeping the intimate details more private.

The Cozi app is a shared family and friend calendar and is ideal for keeping track of your children’s extracurricular activities, your own doctor appointments and even grocery lists. Anyone invited to share the calendar can see it, which makes it a great tool for organizing meal drop-offs or when you’re feeling up to visitors.


You don’t always need to turn to apps to make organization easier. Sites such as Lotsa Helping Hands allow you to coordinate well-wishers who want to help but aren’t quite sure how to jump in.

It may seem silly to include a shared ride service on this list, but there may be times that you cannot get to or from your chemo or doctor appointments without a little help. When family or friends are unable to help, pulling up rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft can give you a sense of control and security. Have those on hand for when your transportation isn’t clear.

Consider checking with your treatment center or doctor’s network to see if they offer an app as well. You may be able to find your medical information via an app portal on your phone, which can give you easier access when visiting specialists or other consulting doctors. Apps for cancer patients aren’t going to make treatment any easier on your body, but using a few appropriately can ease your mind and get you the help you need.

Your smartphone isn’t the only technology helping you fight cancer. Find out more about the technology working to improve your health.

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Haley Burress
Haley Burress