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Buying Things a Cancer Patient Needs in Charlottesville

There are special places to buy things a cancer patient needs, like wigs, blankets and headscarves. If you're in the Charlottesville area or getting treatment at the UVA Cancer Center, here's where you can buy these items nearby.

Getting a cancer diagnosis means learning a lot of medical and science lingo, along with new clinical treatment processes. As this period of your or your loved one’s life changes, there are nonmedical things a cancer patient needs during and after treatment, too. That might be blankets to keep warm during chemotherapy, headscarves or wigs to cover hair loss or prosthetics and mastectomy bras for women with breast cancer to start feeling normal again.

You can purchase some of these at the local shopping mall or big box store. But other items can’t be found there. Fortunately, Charlottesville, Virginia has plenty of options. Here’s a guide on where to shop in the area for things a cancer patient needs.

Flourish Boutique

Located on the first floor of the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center, Flourish Boutique stocks tons of merchandise a person with cancer might want. That includes head coverings like wigs, turbans and scarves and also mastectomy bras for women. The boutique has a certified mastectomy fitter to take you through the process. You’ll find creams to soothe radiation burn or other skin reactions. Someone who wants to learn more about cancer or buy gifts for someone getting treatment will find plenty of options, including informative books, plus mugs and T-shirts with positive messages. If you’re uninsured or underinsured, Flourish Boutique can offer hats knitted and donated by community members and other items available at no cost.

Kim’s Hair Salon

In the Seminole Square Shopping Center, you’ll find Kim’s Hair Salon. While the salon offers traditional hair styling services, they also have a large natural and synthetic hair wig collection with fitting assistance. The salon offers those getting treatment locally a 10 percent discount on their wigs. Not only is this a great place to discover a new confidence during cancer treatment, but it’s also an ideal location for a relaxing afternoon getaway, with restaurants and a massage parlor close-by.

Laughing Sheep Yarns

Not every woman undergoing a mastectomy wants to use traditional prosthetics in her bras. Instead, try knitted knockers, which are billed as “soft, comfortable, knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors.” The knitters at Laughing Sheep Yarns are happy to take orders and assist women in the Charlottesville community feel normal in their clothes again. You can also attend classes there — taking up a hobby and meeting new people can help both patients and caregivers find an outlet for all the frustration cancer brings.

Additional Accessories and Gifts

Not all things a cancer patient needs must come from a specialty store. If you want to buy a beautiful scarf to keep a friend comfortable but stylish, you might find one at Ten Thousand Villages at the Downtown Mall on Main Street or at Minda’s Boutique on Ivy Road. Get your sports-fan friend a UVA blanket from Mincer’s to keep (human and team) spirits up and the body cozy during chemotherapy.

If you’re not sure what to get for a friend going through chemotherapy, how about a gift basket? The Flower Shop on Monticello Road offers baskets with food, a welcome treat to come home to or to bring with you. Choose from bagels, fresh fruit or even junk food.

You may need support discovering the perfect product or coming up with ideas. In this case, don’t hesitate to ask the staff where you’re getting treatment. They’re more than happy to provide guidance.

UVA Cancer Center's Flourish Boutique is a great place to get the items you need and the support you deserve.

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Deborah Abrams Kaplan
Deborah Abrams Kaplan