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Halloween Ideas for Cancer Patients

Losing your hair to cancer means you have a blank slate to choose any Halloween costume. Go bare or opt for a bold wig.

With Halloween around the corner, if you’ve lost your hair to cancer, you may want to have some fun this season. Losing your hair can be upsetting and difficult to adjust to. But whether you’ve been baring your scalp from the start or feel like you’re ready to take the leap, Halloween is a great time to play around.

When we think of costumes for a bald head, one of the first characters that may come to mind is Uncle Fester from “The Addams Family.” But there are many more Halloween ideas for cancer patients, both male and female, that you may not have thought about.

Fun Characters

  • Charlie Brown: A classic that’s easy to pull off with a yellow T-shirt and a marker.
  • Mr. Clean: Another simple character that can be done with a little white face paint and a white T-shirt.
  • Gru (from “Despicable Me”): Pin on a long nose, big eyebrows and carry a couple minions with you.
  • The Monopoly Man: Try a thrift store to find the perfect top hat and cane.
  • Sugar skull: Paint an elaborate design, don a suit or nice dress and go with or without a wig.


  • Voldemort: Dress up in dark robes and work a little paint magic on a dowel rod or stick to create your wand. The trick here is getting the nose just right!
  • Dr. Evil: Hit up the thrift store for a leisure suit, and you’ve got this one covered with a little face paint.
  • Lex Luthor: Don a dark suit and tie for this classic villain.

Fierce Women

  • Ellen Ripley (from “Alien 3”): A green tank, khakis, a Nerf gun and a little fake slime complete the ensemble.
  • Evey Hammond (from “V for Vendetta”): You can wear a long T-shirt dress that’s been dirtied for her look when her head is first shaved. Have a friend or spouse don a black cape and a Guy Fawkes mask to go with you as V.
  • GI Jane: You can build this costume at an Army Navy surplus store. A green T-shirt, fatigues and dog tags create the look.

Sci-Fi Characters

“Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and many sci-fi classics have characters that can be recreated with pinned-on ears and face paint. You can be Yoda, Professor X or the Borg Queen if you’re into a challenge.

The Halloween ideas for cancer patients are really endless. You can opt for elaborate face paint and turn your head into a Magic eight ball, or if you’re not ready to go all out with a bared head, choose a wild and crazy wig. Dressing up is a chance to forget about cancer, forget about the side effects or lost hair and just have fun. Go to a party, hand out candy to kids, walk the neighborhood — whatever makes you feel comfortable, just get out and enjoy yourself.

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Patricia Chaney
Patricia Chaney